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Corporate communication is arguably one of the most important aspects of any company

Corporate communication is arguably one of the most important aspects of any company and is essentially the sharing of information within and outside a business. Corporate communication is an over-arching name given to a range of responsibilities such as the marketing communications team, press office, brand management or the publicity team. The corporate communication department is tasked with promoting the company to the outside world and also to the staff who work there. This can be through the press, advertising, social networking, marketing campaigns and associated public relations activity. Without staff employed in this field of work, nobody would know an organisation existed.

Corporate communication is an important department with regards to handling staff communications. It is important that everyone who works within a business knows what is happening and does not hear news about their employer from media reports. Corporate communication is about managing content creation for intranet and public websites to ensure that it is informative, relevant and interesting to the relevant audiences.

Brand management is an important responsibility of those who work in corporate communication. This covers the correct use of the company logo and the ensuring that any internally produced documentation carries the correct size, colour and style of logo and is produced in the correct font. Corporate communication is vital to the re-branding of any business, whether it be a name change or a new logo.

There will also be challenges to face when working in a corporate communication environment. Negative media, redundancies and looking to re-build a poor image of a company can mean a great deal of work putting new relationships in place with key stakeholders.

One such person who has excelled in all these areas at a senior level is former Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District’s Head of Public Affairs, Rudy Jurgensen. After working in Silicon Valley for nine years, he is now located in Berlin. Rudy Jurgensen’s website gives details of his experience as a communications professional.

Corporate communication is a fast-paced working environment. Creative professionals who enter it are guaranteed new and life-enriching experiences.