European Central Bank

The European Central Bank

The European Central Bank was established on 1st January 1998 and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. The European Central Bank replaced the European Monetary Institute in June 1998. The European Monetary Institute was created by the Maastricht [...]
foreign exchange notes

Dealing with foreign exchange risk

Also referred to as currency risk, foreign exchange risk refers to the probability of a business’ value depreciating due to the change in values of currency. Businesses that deal with export and imports are the ones mainly affected by [...]
a man rising coins symbolising inflation

The causes and effects of Inflation

Inflation has always been a key part of our economy, historically and financially. The so called ‘value of money’ is constantly changing, and in turn shaping our lives and society. We often hear a lot about inflation on the news, [...]
USSR treasury bond (1982)

Bonds: What are they?

What are Bonds? Simply put, they’re a loan that you give out to businesses or governments, that come with a promise that you’ll receive your initial money back in addition to any interest you might have earned. Governments and big [...]

Barter – the modern, old-fashioned approach

People traded with each other long before the invention of currency units and the corresponding modern corollaries such as direct debits and credit cards. In the old days people simply traded goods and skills they had for goods and skills they [...]
Rating Agency Cartoon

What Is a Rating Agency?

Rating agencies play a vital role in the financial markets and can impact the value of investments. Understanding what rating agencies are and how they work is essential if you plan on becoming a successful investor. Rating agencies play a very [...]

What are Bad Banks?

The term “bad bank” can refer to a number of different financial institutions, including both failing banks and a special kind of state-guaranteed institution for non-performing assets. The first type may be responsible for financial crises, [...]

What is an Investment?

Understanding investments is a basic part of learning how to control your money. An investment can take many forms, but in general, an investment is any type of item that is purchased with the intent of the item returning a profit to the buyer, [...]

What is a Loan?

Perhaps you are wondering how to finance a new car or home. Or maybe you want to go back to school, but just don’t have the money. Or an emergency situation pops up, and you need a little bit of extra cash in a pinch. Friends and family [...]
Wall Street Sign

Wall Street – The Symbol of Finance

The Wall Street has become a symbol of international finance, as evidenced by the Occupy Wall Street movement, among others. This eight-block-long street runs from Broadway to South Street along the East River in the lower part of Manhattan. [...]